The planned results from the SENSIBAT project are mentioned per topic below. The results are documented in reports. When a report is finished and available you will be linked to the document by clicking the title in the overview.

Work Package 1 | Specifications, requirements and testing plan

The objective of this WP is to realise an overview of the requirements at sensor, cell and module level and a test plan taking the defined sensor, cell and module requirements into account

  1. Use cases, KPIs and cell, module requirements
  2. Testing plan for cells and modules

Work Package 2 | Level 2 sensor design, prototyping and small cell integration

The main objective of this WP is to realise novel sensing technology consisting of printed auxiliary electrodes

  1. The selection of inks and pastes
  2. The development of printed electrodes on cell components
  3. The development of electrical connections
  4. The characterisation of level 2 sensor
  5. The characterisation of pouch cell with integrated level 2 sensor

Work Package 3 | Cell integration of sensors

The main objective of this WP is to realise dedicated battery cell technologies based on NMC Li-ion batteries in pouch format for the baseline cells and with integrated level 1 and level 2 sensor technologies.

  1. Adaptation of level 1 sensors
  2. Prototyping of the baseline pouch battery cells
  3. Prototyping of 1Ah cells with integrated level 1 sensors
  4. Prototyping of 5Ah cells with integrated level 1 sensors
  5. Prototyping of 1Ah cells with integrated level 2 sensors

Work Package 4 | Data processing, state functions and advanced BMS

  1. BMS-slave demonstrator supporting the read out of cell-integrated level 1 sensors
  2. BMS-Master software environment
  3. BMS-slave-equipped battery module based on the series connection of at least six 5Ah prototype pouch cells with level 1 sensors
  4. Advanced module-level state estimators based on level 1 sensors
  5. Advanced state estimation algorithms based on level 2 sensors

Work Package 5 | Testing, validation and assessment (performance, cost, disassembly and recycling)

The main objectives of this WP are:

  1. To have validated final pouch cells with integrated (level 1 and level 2) sensors meeting the requirements specified in WP1
  2. To have validated final modules including BMS meeting the requirements specified in WP1
  3. To have a cost benefit assessment of the batteries including sensors
  4. To have a recyclability assessment of the cells (including sensors) and the module
  5. To have validated assumptions, targets and hypotheses relating to cell and module with respect to performance and safety – quality, reliability, lifetime, identification of defects.
  1. Test report on cell and module performance and safety
  2. Cost-benefit assessment
  3. Recycling assessment and integrated validation

Work Package 6 | Dissemination, communication and preparative exploitation activities

  1. Project Identity
  2. Project Website
  3. Dissemination and exploitation plan
  4. I SENSIBAT Advisory Board Workshop
  5. II SENSIBAT Advisory Board Workshop

Work Package 7 | Coordination and Management

  1. Project Handbook
  2. Initial Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan
  3. Initial Data Management Plan
  4. Final Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan
  5. Final Data Management Plan