The planned results from the SENSIBAT project are mentioned per topic below. The results are documented in reports. When a report is finished and available you will be linked to the document by clicking the title in the overview.

Work Package 1 | Specifications, requirements and testing plan

The objective of this WP is to realise an overview of the requirements at sensor, cell and module level and a test plan taking the defined sensor, cell and module requirements into account

  1. Use cases, KPIs and cell, module requirements
  2. Testing plan for cells and modules

Work Package 2 | Level 2 sensor design, prototyping and small cell integration

Work Package 3 | Cell integration of sensors

The main objective of this WP is to realise dedicated battery cell technologies based on NMC Li-ion batteries in pouch format for the baseline cells and with integrated level 1 and level 2 sensor technologies.

  1. Adaptation of level 1 sensors
  2. Prototyping of the baseline pouch battery cells
  3. Prototyping of 1Ah cells with integrated level 1 sensors
  4. Prototyping of 5Ah cells with integrated level 1 sensors
  5. Prototyping of 1Ah cells with integrated level 2 sensors

Work Package 4 | Data processing, state functions and advanced BMS

Work Package 5 | Testing, validation and assessment (performance, cost, disassembly and recycling)

The main objectives of this WP are:

  1. To have validated final pouch cells with integrated (level 1 and level 2) sensors meeting the requirements specified in WP1
  2. To have validated final modules including BMS meeting the requirements specified in WP1
  3. To have a cost benefit assessment of the batteries including sensors
  4. To have a recyclability assessment of the cells (including sensors) and the module
  5. To have validated assumptions, targets and hypotheses relating to cell and module with respect to performance and safety – quality, reliability, lifetime, identification of defects.
  1. Test report on cell and module performance and safety
  2. Cost-benefit assessment
  3. Recycling assessment and integrated validation

Work Package 6 | Dissemination, communication and preparative exploitation activities

Work Package 7 | Coordination and Management