Prototype circuit to read-out a cell-integrated 5×7 temperature and pressure sensor matrix

30 Sept. 2022 – In order to measure the temperature and pressure distribution over the electrode area of a Li-ion pouch cell, a sensor matrix was developed. This sensor matrix can be integrated into the cell and has 5×7 measurement points. To read out these sensors, a circuit was designed that allows to address every single sensor in the matrix and also provides an interface to an analogue frontend IC developed by NXP.

The objective was the development of a circuit that can read out the temperature and pressure sensor matrix. Circuit topologies were researched to find a simple solution that can take advantage of the high-performance analogue-to-digital converters of a NXP analogue frontend IC. This resulted in the realization of a prototype that will be used for the further development of the battery module.

After full characterization and test of the circuit, a small series will be produced and provided to the project for cell characterization and to build up a demonstrator battery module. The read-out circuit in combination with the sensor matrix will give insight in the temperature and pressure distribution inside the cell. This information can be used for improved battery operation, e.g., reducing ageing effects during fast charging cycles.

Photo Source: Fraunhofer IISB

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Involved Partners: FHG, NXP, IKE, FM