Progress report on SENSIBAT’s Cell Integration of sensors

26 Oct. 2021 – Within the past months the SENSIBAT partners produced and benchmarked 1Ah and 5Ah baseline cells.

The electrochemical performance of these cells was estimated to provide a data set, which will be compared to data generated of similar cells with integrated sensors. This comparison will allow the consortium to evaluate the sensor integration and the influence of the sensor’s presence in the cell.

Further progress was made regarding the implementation of such senor devices, comprising work on senor positioning in the cell, spare volume integration for sensor related components, optimization of the feed-through and encapsulation of the sensors. Efforts made by these works were condensed in the establishment of final layout concepts of level 1 sensors.

Based on these layouts, the production of level 1 sensors is currently started and will be finalized for 1Ah cells at half time of the project. Subsequently, the production of sensors for 5Ah cells will be started.