Testing, validation and assessment (performance, cost, disassembly and recycling)

The final milestone in the SENSIBAT project was to complete component level testing and to assemble the demonstrator battery pack as well as the validation of the obtained test data.

Over the past 3 years, the project partners have produced a large number of pouch cells in two configuration formats, 1 Ah and 5 Ah. After cell manufacturing, the project consortium was able to carry out and finalize tests at cell level, according to a complex testing matrix, to assess the impact of the novel sensor units on specific cell performance indicators and to see if the developed sensor types have an impact on the lifetime of the cells. Potential-, capacity-, impedance, as well as calculated charge and discharge resistance values were used as performance indicators for the electrical performance evaluation.  Unintended, potential side reactions, due to the integrated sensors, could have been detected by these measures. Finally, safety tests were carried out to ensure that the implementation of the developed sensors do not pose any safety risks for the operation of the battery cells.

Sensor data was also collected to support the development of the algorithms for state estimation. The obtained sensor data enables us to increase the accuracy of charge and health calculations. Based on the tracked temperature, voltage and pressure values, measures can be taken to either prevent or mitigate a deterioration in cell performance.

For the final module assembly, all necessary components and subassemblies were brought together subsequently. From subframe components to the six battery cells with integrated Level 1 sensor units, cooling elements, electronics and cabling for system control and data analysis parts. Most of the components have been developed and produced by the consortium partners themselves in recent months and made available to the module manufacturer for final module assembly. If you want to know more about the conducted tests and validations on cell and module level, we kindly refer you to Deliverable 5.1, available here.