Specifications, requirements and testing plan

22 April 2021 – After a little bit more than 6 months into the project we are happy to present the results of work package 1. In order to generate requirements for the cells, integrated sensors and the according battery modules that are developed in the project a challenging and relevant use case had to be found. Based on a demanding sports car application (Porsche Taycan) and a common drive cycle (WLTP – Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) the requirements were derived in a top-down approach, where power and energy requirements were scaled down to fit the scope of the cell development in the project without sacrificing comparability.

In order to quantify, if the defined requirements are met, according tests were defined in a next step. The aim is to show how the additional sensor information from sensors that are integrated into the battery cells can improve battery usage in terms of increased vehicle range, faster charging and longer battery life. © image of Battery Testing Lab by AIT